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Experience the delight of our new "Magnetic" Tree Frog toy! This charming creation captures the spirit of Tree Frogs, offering endless amusement. Each toy features full articulation and poseability, including movable legs, joints, hands, and head. The magnetic design allows it to adhere to refrigerators or any compatible metal surface, providing interactive fun. Ideal as a tactile plaything for children of all ages, it also serves as an attractive decorative item for your office, desk, countertop, nightstand, terrarium, or any other space where you'd enjoy the company of these adorable amphibians.


Rest assured that your item is built to last. We dispatch our 3D printed MAGNETIC ARTICULATING TREE FROGS in robust boxes, encased in protective materials to safeguard against damage during shipping.


Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of eco-friendly PLA bioplastic for 3D printing these enchanting creatures. Derived from plant starches like corn, sugar cane, and sugar beet, PLA is a renewable thermoplastic and polymer that aligns with our environmental values.


Surprise a family member, friend, or loved one with this adorable MAGNETIC ARTICULATING TREE FROG! It's the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or other special occasions. This delightful home decor piece is sure to be cherished by individuals of all ages and lifestyles.


For the safety of young children, please be aware that articulated products may not be suitable for them. Articulated pieces could break off and present a choking hazard. Responsible handling and use are essential when interacting with any articulated items. Snyder's Cut Creations clearly disclaims any liability for damage resulting from improper use or mishandling of our products. We prioritize your safety and well-being.

Magnetic Tree Frogs - Articulating Flexi - MatMireMakes - fidget sensory toy

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