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Welcome to Emu Louie's Farm! 🌟 Here, we take pride in offering you the freshest and most natural eggs you can find. Our eggs come in a delightful array of colors - from the earthy tones of brown and white to the whimsical hues of blue and green. 🥚🎨

Each carton is a surprise! We randomly select our farm-fresh eggs to give you a unique mix every time. And to ensure you know just how fresh your eggs are, we've penciled in the hatch date right on the shell. 📅✏️

Remember, if you bring your own container, you'll not only contribute to the environment but also save a dollar per dozen. It's our little way of saying 'thank you' for supporting sustainable practices. 💚🌍

So come on down to Emu Louie's, where every egg is a farm-fresh adventure! 🚜🐣

Emu Louie's Farm Fresh Ungraded Chicken Eggs

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