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Oriental Dragon articulating Statues are now available at Snyder's Cut Creations. We proudly manufacture these high-quality toys right here in the USA. They are the brainchild of Art Flex, a name synonymous with excellence. Each dragon measures 15.5 inches in length and serves as an excellent sensory toy for older children. They can also be used as decorative conversation starters on your office desk, countertop, nightstand, or any other place you'd like to showcase your new petite companions!

All items are crafted from PLA, a fairly robust type of plastic. However, like any plastic toy, they can break, and if they do, the small pieces may pose a choking hazard. We urge you to consider this potential risk when around small children.

Snyder’s Cut Creations is an authorized retailer of Art Flex products.


You can rest assured that your item will endure for years. We dispatch our 3D printed dragons in a sturdy box, meticulously enveloped in protective material to avoid any damage, scratches, or cracks during shipping.


Our dragons are 3D printed using eco-friendly PLA bioplastic. Polylactide is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch, sugarcane, and sugar beet, ensuring complete sustainability.


Surprise your family member, friend, or loved one with these adorable dragons! They make for an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or any other special event. These charming dragons are not only perfect as home decor but also cater to individuals of all ages and lifestyles.

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