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Dive into the world of aquatic adventure with our Flexi Factory Shark! Crafted by the innovative minds at @FlexiFactory, this isn't just any ordinary toy. Its skeleton boasts an incredible flexibility, allowing the shark to twist and turn, while its jaw opens and closes for added fun. Perfect for fidgeters of all ages, it's a hit with both the young and the young at heart!

Available in striking colors - this model is not only playful but also comes in two sizes: the handy 10" and the larger 16". 

Made from PLA, a bioplastic derived from renewable resources like corn and sugarcane, it's an eco-friendly choice for 3D printing enthusiasts. PLA is renowned for its use in various applications, from product packaging to medical devices, and even food containers.

Please note that 3D printed items may exhibit layer lines due to the printing process and filament type. These lines are not flaws; they're unique features of 3D printing. Rest assured, we strive to minimize their appearance for a sleek finish."

Articulating Shark Skeleton - Flexi Factory

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